Moove to Japan (Yokohama): November 2013 (the atelier should open in January2014)




The last borned in Cremona, same model (inspirate by G.B. Guadagnini)













The Duerer violin is finally ready to play!










                               Preparing the fingerboard









Cutting ff holes









          Finishing the lining strips, nice "trucciolo"








Finishing the lining strips









                                                 Fluting of the edge









Cutting the purfling chanel









                              Signing the purfling chanel






The birth of the scroll, little video with sounds of the atelier (click here)






New blocks are fitted and glued in the corners (Duerer's violin)









The violin (Duerer) doesn't have corner blocks








Rib patch (Duerer's violin)









         A crack on the "C" rib (Duerer's violin)









Repair of a german violin (Wilhelm Duerer, Eisleben 1912) with a nice decoration on the back










            Finishing the neck and the nut (the neck is already glued in the body)









 Finishing the edges










                                   Finishing with scraper










Gluing the belly










                                Gluing the back on the ribs










 The bassbar is fitted and glued










                                         Cutting out the f holes










The finishing of the arching










                                               The purfling channel










Roughing out the arching of the back.










                                      The carving of the scroll.










The ribs are then glued on tge blocks.










                                          Iron bending the ribs.










The blocks (spruce) are glued on the form.












                                                The choice of wood (spruce and mapple).









   First coat of varnish.











  Insertion of the neck into the body (violin).

Now on my workbench