I'm looking for a wide, soft and warm sound, that touches the sensibility of musicians and their public. 

For every instrument I make, I work to have an harmonious sound from the beginning, as a good base, which let the musician free to make it evolve and to adapt it to its own requirement.

The esthetic of each piece I make contributes to this harmony, as the first contact with the instrument is visual, before being sensual.





Brevet de solfège (Juin 2003) and 10 years of practice of violin 

Baccalauréat général littéraire, option musique Juin 2003

 (2008) Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria A. Stradivari (IPIALL) di Cremona (Italia)





Stage in workshop (12/2007 – 06/2008)

Francesco Toto (Cremona, Italia)

Workshop help


Professional experience (01/06/2008 – 18/01/2012)

Francesco Toto (Cremona, Italia)






Languages : french, italian, english. Japanese (beginner).

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